A Bit Of A Ramble


So I have a feeling I get into a strange mood at night, where I just want to talk about anything to anyone, and because most of my friends are asleep, why not chat to you guys! Anyway, sorry if this post is a bit of a long one about nothing much, I just felt like writing!


So basically for some of you guys, you will be taking exams at the minute, which can seem like a really scary time and your future depends a lot on it, to be honest I don’t think it completely does. Okay, so I mean you might not want to take advice from me, I mean I haven’t been in that situation as of yet, so I don’t know what it feels like!

But if any of you are worrying about your exams/ your future, don’t. I kinda think that we have milestones in our life planned out for us, and sometimes you have to go through a storm to reach the sun. I feel like whatever results you get on the exam you are taking, won’t change any of those milestones that have already been planned for you!

Also when you are picking your exam options, don’t stress about a particular job you want to get, you don’t even know! I have no idea what I want to have as a full time job as of now and that doesn’t matter. When I pick my options, I am going to pick subjects I enjoy, because that will make my exams more fun and the revision more bare able. If you get good results for things you actually love, I will guarantee you that you will find a job that will fit that.


After all that, that wasn’t really that I was going to talk about in today’s post, it was only going to be like a little short paragraph introduction, not 3 paragraphs!


So I was walking somewhere- I can’t remember where- and I heard two 5 year olds having a conversation. So it kinda went like this..

Megan do you hate anyone?

Um yeah- I mean there’s a lot of people

Really who?

Well Archie’s really annoying and so is Jake I don’t really like any of the boys at playschool

Oh well neither do I, I hate them all and they are so annoying

I was listening to this and I realized that they were talking about hating people. So I mean I know they are only 5 and probably don’t really understand it, but I thought it was quite interesting. I know when I was 5 I “hated” people and that they really got on my nerves, but I mean it wasn’t hate.

I don’t really think that anyone ‘hates’ anything, strongly dislike maybe, but not hate. Then again saying that there are a few people things that I would say I ‘hate.’

To be honest I don’t know where I am going with this but I mean, people say they ‘hate’ a certain food, but there are other people that would just love that food- to keep them alive. There are others that say they ‘hate’ a teacher- that teacher is probably someones mum, what would you do if you heard someone saying they hated your own mum?!


Okay I think this post is long enough, I hope you understood what I was trying to say, I can’t think of another way I could have put it! Let me know if you are doing any exams in the comments below and what options you chose!

See you soon! Love you!


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3 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Ramble

      1. Oh well tomorrow’s a new day with new exams. Ima hopefully smash the Latin tomorrow. Just gotta stay positive and keep the head up

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