Pamper Night Routine April 2016


So a while ago, I did a Night Time Routine Expectation Vs Reality and you all seemed to like it! So now, I am going to be doing just a plain old Pamper Night Routine for you all! I hope you enjoy this post, and lets goo!

So the first thing I do when I get home from school or wherever I make a snack… because food is my life, not gonna lie! So I sit and eat, then put on some Youtube, and relax for about an hour or so! At the minute I am loving  Fabulous Hannah and Floral Princess!

Then I get all my bath products ready, and this takes a while! I like having a pink/purple bath more than any other colour, I don’t know why but I do! So at the minute I have been loving having bubbly baths, so I usually just use a bubble bar, or a mix of a few!

In the bath, I have been using the Lush Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly or the Zoella Beauty Tutti-Fruti Scrub and Shower Gel mix, I have been loving fresh scents at the minute! I usually am in the bath for about an hour and a half, because I just love baths so much!

In the bath I have been watching Gossip Girl, usually two (ish) episodes per bath, but sometimes I love the bath to much and watch a few more! I get out once the waters gone cold because… ew.

Anyway while the bath is running, I apply a face mask! I used to use the cupcake one, but it didn’t really do much to my face, so I went into Lush and asked them for another recommendation. They said I should try “Love Lettuce” which worked great, but then the day after I got redness around my nose. I don’t know for definite whether it was this, but I think it might be!

So if any of you guys have a cheap (under £10) face mask recommendation, please let me know!

Right so once I am out of the bath and dried, I pop some PJ’s on. I have been loving really baggy t-shirts and just really comfy bottoms to wear to bed at the minute.

Then I get another snack and sit and look through Instagram or chat to my friends for a bit, while I eat it!

Then I go and brush my teeth and wash my face and everything like that! If I am planing to do something nice to my hair the next day, I will either prep it now, if put it in really tight ringlets for them to drop out overnight!

Then I get into bed, with some water and look through social media again and then watch a bit more youtube, then eventually, go to bed!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like a ‘school morning routine!’ I love writing these, but I don’t know if you like reading them!

Anyway, see you soon! Love you! xx


10 thoughts on “Pamper Night Routine April 2016

  1. Loved this post! I like to use Oatifix, which is just under 7 pound. The only problem is that t doesn’t stick very well to skin.. You still might like to try it though:) I would love to read about your school morning routine!!


  2. Love this post! Definitely do a school morning routine pleasee! Ive been binge watching gossip girl lately, what season are you on? And what is that bath bomb / bubble bar, the middle pic thats like a semi circle? Great pics toooo! Xx


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