10 Questions For You Guys


So I know my blog has been kinda slacking a bit recently, in all honesty I don’t really know why! I can never seem to find the time to write as many posts as I would like, and wen I do, I can never think of any really original ideas! I’m going to really try in June to make my posts the best quality for you guys!

Anyway, so today, I have 10 questions for you guys, and i’d love you to answer them in the comments below! Because even though I chat to you guys in the comments and stuff, I would like to ask you some more things! You seem to know loads about me, and I don’t really know a lot about you! It will take 2 minutes to leave your answers to all of these in the comments, so please do!


  1. How are you at the minute?
  2. What’s your favourite song and artist right now?
  3. How did you find about my blog?
  4. What are your favourite blog posts to read?
  5. Favourite quote?
  6. How much time do you spend on a blog post?
  7. What is one thing that makes you different from anyone else?
  8. Favourite and least favourite smells?
  9. If you could live off one food, what would it be?
  10. One thing you would change if you could?

Anyway, please answer these in the comments below, and if you answer them all, you can ask me any question you want to!

Looking forward to all your comments! Love you!


30 thoughts on “10 Questions For You Guys

  1. 1. I’m fine, thanks πŸ™‚
    2. Song: Faded (by Alan Walker), Artist: Zara Larsson
    3. My friend follows you, plus you came up on the recommended site πŸ˜‰
    4. Advice about stuff and 50 things
    5. ‘good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.’
    6. 30-45 minutes, including editing time (is that enough, or too much?)
    7. I like to be my own person, not change myself to be liked or admired; don’t fit in, in a good way
    8. Fave: cooking, baking. Least fave: outside the boys toilets at school 😦
    9. LASAGNE!!!
    10. In which way?
    * My question to you: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money ?? x


    1. These are such good answers! If I won the lottery (lets say I won 10million) I would give some to my parents, a bit to my best friend and some to my sisters! Then I would buy a few run down houses and do them up really nice(it has always been a dream of mine) and give some to charity, obviously saving some to go shopping with aha! Oh and for question 10, I mean anything, it could be about yourself, the world or something stupid like I wish I was really good friends with the queen or something (I don’t know haha!) xx

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      1. Thank you for your reply- great answer btw πŸ˜‰ My answer for question for question 10 would probably be to change my school to be more language-friendly and get more actual language-speaking teachers (as I am half-German, this more important to me than to other people) xx


  2. How are you at the minute?

    I’m good thanks! Feeling a little unwell though.

    What’s your favourite song and artist right now?

    Birds in your garden by Pulp

    How did you find out about my blog?

    I think through the comments section πŸ™‚

    What are your favourite blog posts to read?

    I really love reading other people’s poems!

    Favourite quote?

    ‘you are worth so much more than your productivity’

    How much time do you spend on a blog post?

    If it’s a poem or something, it normally takes a whole day to put it together, but a chatty post normally takes an hour.

    What is one thing that makes you different from anyone else?

    I mean my face? That’s unique haha.

    Favourite and least favourite smells?

    Favourite smells: vanilla/rain/old books/matches
    Least favourite smells: silage

    If you could live off one food, what would it be?

    Vegetarian burritos.

    One thing you would change if you could?

    More equality!

    My question to you is: what country do you live in and what time is it currently in that country?


  3. Answerrrs.
    1. Im okay, a little bit sad but feeling positive too? Haha. How are you?
    2. I’ve been loving secret love song by little mix!
    3. I wish i could remember but i cant- all i know is im happy i did!
    4. Diary style posts about peoples days and feelings ect or motivational posts.
    5. Aghhh i cant pick. ‘All you need is love, love is all you need’. Or ‘smiles make the world go round’.
    6. It depends, anything from an hour to a week 😳
    7. Hmm im not sure, 😦
    8. Favourite- anything fruity.
    Least fave- erm again not sure, anything unpleasant.
    9. PASTA.
    10. I would make sure everyone has a good and happy quality of life if I could.

    Ah great questions! You should make your own tag (I may do the same too :P) ermm question, in 5 years time what would u like to have achieved in your life? Xx


    1. I love your answers! I love reading diary posts as well, especially yours! In 5 years I will have hoped to find a job I really enjoy, get good results in my exams and hopefully be still carrying on with this, of doing something else to do with writing and photography! xx


  4. 1. At this very second I’m very tired because I’ve just woken up to go to chessington world of adventure with my dad, brother and my brothers friend.
    2. This is too hard!!! At the moment I’m just waiting for summer so I’m loving upbeat summery dance
    3. I think I saw you in the comments of another blog so I thought I’d see what kind of posts you do.
    4. I love posts with lots of pictures, although I love to read, I also love to experience things visually.
    5. ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’
    6. It definitely depends on the post,
    For posts like ’17 random facts about me’ I usually take between 30 and 45 minutes, writing and proof reading it. But some posts I plan for weeks, or even months.
    7. I think I some times care too much about things and people.
    8. Zoella beauty tutti-fruity range (so sad they’re discontinuing it) and freshly cut grass. I HATE Mayo, especially egg-Mayo.
    9. I can’t choose one so pizza and chocolate!!! (Duh?!?!?!)


    1. I hope you have a lovely time in Chessington World Of Adventures! I am in love with the Zoella Beauty Tutti- Fruity range, especially the scrub! I really hope she does another scrub for her future ranges, is is definitely my favourite thing she has ever released! I am really excited for her new collection, I think the almond and macaroon sent sounds amazing! x


  5. 1- Good thanks! I’m a bit hungry but can’t be bothered to get out of my warm bed:)

    2- I’ve been really enjoying some old school One Direction lately.. My favourite artist is probably Zayn or Zara Larsson (is that spelt right?!)

    3- Either from a blogging friend or seeing your blog being nominated for an award.

    4-I really like chatty and laid back posts. I also love routines.

    5- ‘We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on, that’s who we really are” – Sirius Black

    6- It depends what the post is about. Some awards take me anywhere up to an hour. Chatty posts usually (depending on the length!) take 30-45 minutes.

    7- Errmmm, possibly that I am a massive fan of Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games! I’m not really sure though!

    8- My favourite smells would be a really good Australian barbecue, vanilla camarel-ly scents.. ooh and petrol/gas! Least favourite would be really stinky horse and cow and sheep poo…

    9- Hmmm. Maybe salad because they’re so versatile, you can literally have whatever flavour you want!

    10- Peace. Everywhere.

    My question for you- Have you ever said you’ll do something and didn’t do it? What made you not do it?


  6. 1: I am having a headache because I overslept again…
    2: My all-time favorite song is Selfish by Nsync, but I listen to mostly anything new with Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Maroon 5
    3: I think you were tagged or nominated by one of my lovely blogmates and voila!
    4: I love reading Q&As and daily anecdotes…
    5: My favorite quote is,”Ignorance of the law excuses no one” — to remind myself to know first before acting/judging/deciding. So to not ever say, “I am sorry, I didnt know” because it doesnt really give someone the comfort they needed to feel…
    6: I spend a lot of time on a real blog post, not on q and a’s and tags. Real posts take hrs or days, depends on the mood
    7: I don’t know. I am certain I’ve got more patience than 60% of the population but there’s the whole 40% who share that with me. Hmmm, how am I different? I guess I forgive easily despite how bad the incident had been.
    8: Fave scent: Smell of a baby and matches too like @happyalexx!
    Least fave: Smelling the perfume Eternity and Victoria’s secret colognes on a public vehicle at 8 o’clock in the morning
    9: One food for a lifetime? SPAM – but it would kill me too so it’ll be a very shortlived 1:1 for us.
    10: If I got the power to change things, I would make people live with equality. No poverty and no overly rich people. With that government can subsidise almost everything and healthcare would be free or almost free for all!

    Question: Has anyone told you that you look like amanda seyfried on your gravar photo?


    1. These are such good answers! I love the smell of matches as well, especially when you have blown them out and the smoke you have left behind, you know what I mean?! In answer to your question, no they haven’t but that’s so nice of you, because I love her! Well actually I love Mamma Mia xx

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  7. 1)I’m fine thanks for asking!
    2) Dangerous woman by Ariana Grande
    3)I just stumbled across it because you were one of the recommended sites!
    4) My favourite blogposts to read are DIYs, reviews and how to.
    5)Happiness is the key to life!
    6)it really depends on the post. I’d say minimum 40 minutes to a maximum of 1 day.
    7)I’d say that I’m different from others because I act like me. I don’t copy others and everyone is unique in their own way.
    8) least fave smell: floral
    Best smell: sweet sent
    9)if I were able to change something it would be world poverty.

    This isn’t a question but:

    Have an amazing day! Your blog is lovely and remember to be always be happy! Xx


  8. Don’t worry my blog is definitely slacking too!
    1) I am absolutely dandy.
    2) Highschool by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne
    3) Thoughtful Tash’s comment section????
    4) Tips and life and motivation posts.
    5) Simplicity and effortlessness.
    6) 4 hours- 8 hours
    7) I haven’t discovered that yet.
    8) Favourite smell: Coffee
    Least fave smell: Rotten eggs or flowery smells.
    9) Churros
    10) Make every second of the day positive.

    Daisy x


  9. 1.Just finished math homework.. so yay
    2.shawn Mendes- the weight. I dk why I’m such a big fan of him I never was Kind of “fangirl” before,
    3.You were one pf the first people who commented on my blog and I can’t say how grateful I’m for tht!xx
    4.Recipes, thoughts, tips.. Music favourites, actually a lot can’t secify πŸ˜›
    5.Not my favourite but I really like it: “If People would act like Dogs the world would be much better”
    6.Depends if I nee dphotos or not. I’m often writing just what’s in my head so then I can post it the same day!
    7.I don’t know if there’s anything. I really try to be a good Person, I don’t understand the bad world; I’m weird, I make wierd jokes and have weird freinds (thx god). Is this Special dont think so.
    8.Favourite: chocolate, xmas, fruits Least: filling station
    9.raspberries! ❀
    10.Stop war, criminals, hunger

    I kow this comment Comes really late but I was just reading the second part of it and thought I had to do the ifrst!! great idea love ya ❀


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