June Bucket List


So yes, I know, I have been doing a lot of list type posts recently (well actually this is my second but oh well) but today I wanted to do a bucket list for the month of June! So I have came up with a few things I want to do in June and i’m going to share them with you now!

1. Earn Some Money

So June is the time right before the Summer – well the only Summer we get in the UK- so I want to save up a lot of money for loads of different shopping trips that will last me through the hotter months. I have already got £80 I think from a swimming gala, but I want a bit more, I literally need to buy a whole new Summer wardrobe because I chucked all my clothes out in the winter and am trying to re-build it! Also I want some of Zoe’s new products!

2. Spend Time With Friends

Last summer, I didn’t really see my friends that much really, probably saw each of them once but that was it. So for the next few months until September, I want to just arrange little day out with my friends, even if it is just a walk in the park or something!

3. Go Outside

As I said, we get like 10 hot days every year in the UK, so whenever one of those days wants to make an appearance, I want to be properly equipped and ready to spend the day having a great time outside enjoying the sun!

4. Start Planning Things…

I know after June, the next two months fly by, and then you realize it is October again! So in June, I want to plan some birthday present ideas 😉 , and I am moving bedrooms so I want to be planning what I am going to have on there and everything!

5. This Blog

So I want to write some really fun posts in the summer, with amazing photography and everything! So because it is warmer outside, I can take my laptop outside and write some posts on the trampoline, or have so many lovely floral/outsidey backgrounds to all my photos! Also by the end of June, I am hoping to have 150 followers, which is 14 people from now! It is a crazy target but I think you guys can get me there!

So that was the things I came up with that I want to achieve in June! I hope you enjoyed this style post, and I am thinking of doing these every month, let me know what you think in the comments below!

See you soon! Love you!


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