Reviewing Products By Their Packaging


So I really wanted to do a review of some sort for today’s post, but I didn’t really know what to review, as I am not one of those people that has stashes and stashes of products to try out and review for my blog. So one of the make of break things for me to whether I buy the product or not, is the packaging. Today, I am going to be letting you know what I think of product just by their packaging. Oh and I am getting all these images off google, I don’t actually own the products!

So these are from the Baby Lips range from Maybelline. I have had the original baby lips balms, but I have never seen these before! The packaging looks really bright and colourful, and I think they would look quite pretty to have in your collection to me, the product looks like it wouldn’t be very pigmented on your lips, but I don’t know! Overall, I would rate this product (from the packaging) a 6/10.

As you can all see, this is the Lush gift boxes! I am in love with all the design of these, I would say my favourite is the one at the back on the left, with a blue ribbon around it! You can’t see any of the products, but there is a little card explaining what each one has in it which I think it really thoughtful! I also love the fact the box comes really nicely wrapped with a little ribbon around it! I would say this gets a 8/10 for the packaging!

I’m just gonna throw it out there and say, I think Urban Decay has the nicest packaging out of all make up brands! This is only one of their many gorgeous palettes, and they are all so well thought out and pretty! As you can see from the packaging, this palette is going to be quite bold with vibrant colours in it! I love the kinda smokey effect on the front with the black background! It looks so well thought out and really special! This packaging gets an 9/10.

So as you can see, this product is from Rimmel. It says it is the Provocalips on the packaging, so I’m going to go with that! I actually love this packaging, how you can see what the colour is like from the outside, so you don’t have to go opening them all to find the one you want to buy/wear! I also love the really vibrant lips on the other side of the tube, with the white background, it again really stands out! I would say these get a 7/10 on the packaging!

I am just a massive sucker for Soap and Glory products in general! I love how they ave stuck with the gorgeous pink theme for all of their products, even is its only the writing! I just love the whole fresh, chilled out vibe of their products! When you kinda strip down the packaging, it is quite basic, but for some reason, I love it! I find the pink colour really relaxing and so lovely to look out! Overall, the Soap and Glory packaging gets a 8/10.

So that is the end of this post! I hope you liked it, I loved writing it! I really want to do another one of these, if you want to see one to, leave some links to packaging you want to see me review!

See you soon! xx


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