This Month- May


So I was writing my ‘goals for June’ post and it made me realize I haven’t done a this month post in ages! I think the last one I did was for February, which is crazy!

So I don’t know about you, but I think May has gone so quickly! Like where has 3 weeks gone?!!?


Anyway, in May, I had my amazing sleepover with my best friend!  If you haven’t seen the post, read it here. But basically it consisted of to much food (pizza express pizzas, doughballs, and Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream with strawberries!) We also has so many waterfights on the trampoline with water bottles- you know we’re cool haha, and yeah!


Oh and on the topic of friends, there has been a thing with one of my friends from my old old school, where her Instagram has been hacked by someone who she used to be best friends with. But loads of people have accused her of doing it herself, just to get attention and she’s really down about it. I know it doesn’t really affect me in anyway, but I just wanted to add in that if tou ever fall out with a friend, don’t do anything like that to them, because you never know what the consequences could be to the other person! I don’t think the person who did it meant it to end like this, but it did! And now my friend who it happened to is really upset and doesn’t trust anyone anymore.

20160417_145720Right at the beginning of May, my family took a trip to Southwald and it was so fun! Basically it was mums birthday at the end of April, but for some reason we couldn’t go on her actual birthday so we went the next day! Basically there’s a pub we like to go to which is right on the sea front, I can’t remember what it’s called but we go there every time we go to Southwald!

Okay so in May, I have been really loving to be able to smell things, I know that sounds strange but I have been walking along and been like ‘oh that’s a nice smell!’ Okay I am award that sounds really strange, but Spring scents- just as you are walking around- are so nice!

cropped-new-blog-banner.jpgAs for this blog, I have been really loving it throughout this month, I did set myself a goal to post twice everyday, but that didn’t work out great! I have loads of new people reading my posts, so if you are new, hi! Thankyou for following me! Also hi to all my old followers and blogging friends! I have 143 followers at the time i’m writing this, I really want to get to 150 by the end of June!

Anyway, that’s the end of this months round up, see you soon! Love you! xx

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11 thoughts on “This Month- May

  1. Where have the three weeks gone? A CONSTANT ROTA BETWEEN EXAMS AND STRESS EATING AFTER EXAMS!!!!! and breathe


  2. Love this, although sorry to hear about your friend 😦 hope shes okay! And im sureee you will get 150 followers before even the middle of june! Good luck 🙂 im glad you had fun in Southwald, ive never been there. Xx


    1. She’s okay now, well at least better ❤ Thankyou so so much lovely, you don’t know how much that means to me, honestly it does!💘 it’s such a lovely place, kinda in the middle of no where but near the see if you know what I mean, I had to drive quite a long way to get there but it’s worth it! Xx


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