Beauty Wishlist (Random)


So a while back I did a Beauty Wishlist for the Drugstore, and I really enjoyed writing it! So today I thought I would do one for random beauty products! Hope you enjoy!


So I don’t really use a lot on my skin, but I really want to start looking after it more!
Sometimes I use a scrub on it, but my main thing I use are face masks! I have tried the Lush Fresh Face masks before and they haven’t really worked before! So I really want to try the Montagne Jeunesse masks! They are really cheap and I tried one at my friends before and it really worked on my skin! 


I love it then people have nice nails, and admittedly I kinda like painting my nails if I have about 30 minutes to do them and a TV programme to watch! But if i’m in a rush, I hate painting my nails, so here are some polishes and false nail packs I really want!

I have always really wanted to try NailsInc polishes, but they are like £15 for 1 polish! I think that’s crazy, I mean it’s only a nail polish, but I kinda want to get one! I found this colour on feel unique and I absolutely love it! I think it would suit me because I have pale skin, and grey colours usually suit me!



Elegant Touch Polished  Power Trip (Shimmer Dusky Rose)I love this colour! I have never tried the Elegant Touch nail polishes before, because whenever I go into Superdrug or wherever, there are never any that I like! I am in love with this colour, and the shape of these nails! I think the dusty pink is just so gorgeous!




Bath and Body

So I am a bit addicted to Lush products, so I am not going to include them in here because I am going to make a separate wishlist, but here are all the other bits I am putting in this category!

I think the Sugar Crush range is my favourite scent from Soap and Glory! I just love the fresh citrus kinda scent and I don’t even know! But I really want the scrub, as I already have the shower gel, oh and I would really like the mist as well to just chuck in my schoolbag for after PE! Oh and I would love to try the Smoothie Star scent because I feel like I would like that as well!

So that was the end of this Wishlist! I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments what random beauty products you would really like to buy!

See you soon! Love you! xx


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