50 Facts About Me


So I am on holiday currently and I have WiFi! So basically I have woken up really early because I can’t sleep, so I am going to tell you 50 things about me! I know there are a lot more people reading my blog since my last one of these, so let’s goooo!

  1. I burn really easily- I have been on holiday for 1 day and my necks already burnt! Oh and I’m in the UK so it’s impossible for the average person to get burnt!
  2. I always have a piece of foreign money somewhere in my purse
  3. At the minute I have been loving Little Me by Little Mix and I Found A Girl by The Vamps
  4. I speak to much
  5. I get cold so easily
  6. My favourite TV programme is PLL but at the minute I have been loving Gossip Girl
  7. I either want 2 or 4 children, having an odd number of children creeps me out for some reason
  8. I can surf
  9. I have been loving Tiger (as in the shop) at the minute, the home wear stuff is so cute!
  10. I have moved house once.
  11. My favourite scent (product wise) is the Lush Intergalactic bath bomb and the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush.
  12. I absolutely HATE raisins.
  13. If I have a cup or tea (which I hardly ever do) I have to have hardly any milk and loads of sugar
  14. I love taking photos- especially of sunsets and sunrises
  15. My favourite blog posts to read are usually favourites and people talking about something they really love.
  16. I have a massive obsession with High School Musical, and all the songs!
  17. Penicillin is the only thing I am allergic to
  18. My favourite subject in school is either Spanish or English (when we do media)
  19. My least favourite subject in school is Drama and Resistant Materials
  20. I love hearing people speak a different language, I think it sounds amazing
  21. When I am older, I want a black (or white) coccapoo dog- google them, they are so cute!
  22. I don’t really watch TV much, usually the things I want to watch are on Netflix or Youtube
  23. I love shopping to much
  24. I always leave everything to the last minute- you could give me 2 weeks to do something, and usually I would leave it until the last 2 days
  25. I don’t drink enough water
  26. I love making smoothies
  27. My favourite smell is either birthday candles being blown out or cookies baking in the oven
  28. I am probably the weirdest person you will ever meet- but I can be really quiet if I want to be
  29. The only sports I enjoy are swimming and trampolining if it’s a sport
  30. As much as I love buying and wearing nice clothes, nothing beats some comfy PJ’s
  31. My favourite season is Autumn
  32. I hate coffee so so so much- sorry!
  33. Me and my best friend do this thing where we put really ugly snapchats on 1 second, and the other has to screenshot it really quickly
  34. My favourite snapchat filter is either the flower crown one or the one that is like a bear that eats when you open your mouth, but then again you can never go wrong with the dog!
  35. I am finding it really hard to think of facts about myself
  36. I think just watching the sea is really relaxing
  37. I have a love/hate relationship with PE
  38. My favourite food is Pizza Express pizza- also chocolate covered strawberries
  39. I have an obsession with Costa hot chocolates
  40. When we are travelling across the country, I always have to have a few pots of fruit from Marks and Spencer, it’s just something I do!
  41. I love fairy lights
  42. My hair is red/ginger/auburn/strawberry blonde/whatever else you want to call it.
  43. I love dutch braiding other peoples hair
  44. My favourite teacher ever was my Year 1 teacher (Miss P) and sometimes we still write letters to each other! She was so lovely and so nice!
  45. My favourite day of the week is either Friday or Tuesday.
  46. I have really bad dark circles under my eyes.
  47. I always break my nails.
  48. Watching nail tutorials on Instagram is one of my favourite things to do…
  49. I only eat fish that is skinless- I HATE the skin on a fish!
  50. I work better under pressure!

So that was the end of this post! I am writing a massive post about my trip away, so stay tuned for that at the end of the week! Let me know in the comments 3 facts about yourself!

See you soon! Love you!


19 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me

  1. 1. I have just googled and seen what a coccapoo looks like and you are right; they are really cute!!
    2. My favourite smell is also cookies baking šŸ™‚
    3. I have moved house 4 times in my life- so we are currently living in my 5th house. :)x


  2. 1. I have a love/hate relationship with Plastic Arts
    2. I have a complete inability to do buns
    3. Nobody knows who I really am…people only see the shy, quiet, bookish, rule-abiding, studious part of me. Except a few people that I dislike, the know my angry part. But I’m actually rather impish, a prankster, ironic, maybe a rebel, funny, longing, and a lot more. Wow, that was a long fact.


    1. I would say, be the funny ironic prankster! I mean you only get one life, I realized that a few years ago, and I have become a lot more confident and funny and kinda stopped caring what other people think of me! x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 1. I have a deep-rooted fear of ladybugs. Don’t ask.
    2. My least favorite food is oysters. EEEPP.
    3. COCKAPOOS ARE LITERALLY LIFE. They’re sooooo adorable ahhhh


      1. Ah. Yes. I know. LADYBUGS. Long story short, I got bitten by one and ever since, I’ve hated them. I mean they’re basically just beetles with spots. What’s so enchanting about them?!
        So yeah. Ladybugs.


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