Cornwall 2016


So as you guys know, I went on a little ‘holiday’ down to Cornwall this week- and I thought I would tell you guys about it! Anyway I have a feeling this post is gonna be a long one, so lets just get started!

IMG_3410So basically we stayed in a place in Cornwall near Padstow, which is where we have been going for quite a long time now and we love it! There are so many lovely beaches and things to do, and the shops in Padstow are just so lovely! When we arrived on the first day, it was so foggy! Literally we were surfing in the sea and we couldn’t see the people on the sand, it was crazy! We walked round to see our cousin, who had also come down with us for the week, and we had tea at this place overlooking the beach, which would have been lovely, except we couldn’t see the beach aha!



On the second day, it was lovely! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining. I got burnt legs because of the heat, along with a burnt back of my neck! We spent the whole day at the beach just relaxing and chilling out, going down to the sea if we got to hot. After a while, we went onto the rock pools- there are so many lovely ones on this beach- and I managed to get some lovely photos and we caught some stuff from the pools!



Oh and also on Sunday, I took so many photos of Teddy! I swear he knows when I am taking photos of him, as every time I go and take a different photo, he has changes position! I don’t know if any of your dog’s do this but I find it really funny!

IMG_3413So on another beach right near where we were staying, there is a massive swimming pool in the rocks. As you can see, the sea never goes over it (well sometimes it does) so you can just swim it anytime you want! The pool it about 9/10ft deep so we can jump off the rocks, though I don’t really like doing that! I took this on the really foggy day, but on the hot days, this pool was packed full!

20160529_190744Well as I said, we stayed near Padstow, which is lovely in itself! Basically if you don’t know what it is, Padstow is a little fishing town with some really really lovely and shops with some really cute things in them! There is also one of the best fish and chip shops in the world, and what I think is one of the best ice cream shops! It can get really busy walking around the town, but the shops never seem to get overly busy. When we were younger, me and some of my friends went on speedboat rides around the town, as as you go out of the harbor it is the sea.


20160529_202958I did talk about the Ice-cream shop, and it is so lovely! This photo isn’t really doing it justice but it is amazing! There are so so many different flavors of gorgeous ice cream, I love the rocky road, oreos and cream and salted caramel! They also do milkshakes and smoothies from their ice creams and they are so nice as well!

Also in Cornwall they have THE BEST sunsets! We went down to the beach a lot in the evening, and sitting there watching the sunset is so relaxing and beautiful!





So that was what I got up to this week! I hope you liked reading this- if you actually managed to get to the end, and I will see you soon! Oh and I will be a lot more active now I am off holiday, and I planned loads of posts while I was there! So yeah, see you soon! Love you! xx


32 thoughts on “Cornwall 2016

  1. Wow this place looks amazing – great photos! I now want to go to Cornwall myself, I’ve never been!! It looks like you had a lovely time, do you surf then? I had no idea! Your dog is so cute too! And that pool by the sea looks amazing! Glad you had a nice time x


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