May Favourites


So as you know I have been away for the week so I haven’t had time to write my May Favourites! So I have been loving a lot of things throughout May, so lets get started! Oh and also I know this is a bit late, but better late than never right?!

*oh and before you tell me in the comments, I am using old photos because I want to get this up as quickly as possible!*

Beauty Favourites

IMG_3203I have mentioned this in a favourites post before I think, but the Azure Body Mist From Next is the scent I always wear on holidays! I absolutely love it, it is a really refreshing water like scent that is so easy to wear and for a mist, the scent lasts so long!

IMG_3084So next up is just Soap and Glory in general. I always am using their products but especially this month I have been loving the Sugar Crush Hand Gel and the Hand Food.



I have really gotten into Gossip Girl this month! I have mentioned it before but I just think it is amazing! Though I love PLL more and I am so excited for season 7 aaagh!


So I think I have mentioned it before, but I really hate the new Disney Channel, all the new programmes are so bad! I have been re-watching all the old programmes (anyone remember Wizards Of Wavely Place and Suite Life On Deck?!) and they are so much better! I absolutely love them and it just made me miss them being on TV!


I have been loving the High School Musical songs at the minute! Me and my best friend always sing them to each other and I have most of them downloaded onto my phone… they are just to good not to!

I have also been loving Little Mixes ‘Little Me’ I think it is such a nice song and I can kinda relate to it, because when I was really little (like 5) I was really shy and I cared about what every single person thought of me which is really bad for a 5 year old, but now I don’t really care at all what people think aha!

Ariana Grande’s new album is the BEST! I love all the songs on there, but I really like ‘Into You.’ I never really hear a lot of people talking about it, but I love it, so I thought I would mention it to you guys!



Here are a few little random things I have been loving this month:

  • Ponytails
  • Granola and Yogurt
  • Chocolate fingers
  • Fabulous Hannah’s Vlogs
  • Gabbie (velvetghost)
  •  Snaphat

I hope you enjoyed this favourites, sorry it is a bit late! Oh and also I haven’t been as active recently, I am working on it!

See you in my next post!

Love you lots xx


10 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. Honestly need to have a high school musical marathon! And I’m loving Arianas new album to. Lovely post as always xx


  2. I totally agree with you about Disney Channel. I used to watch Both shows and now I’ve seen that the new programmers are quite boring. Same with other channels. Hopefully it’ll get better! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx


  3. I love gossip girl, I am kind of obsessed. Also, I used to love Wizards of Waverley place and high school musical. Sometimes, I just want a whole afternoon where I just sit down and watch lots of the great throwback programmes.


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