Make Someone’s Day | 4 Random Acts Of Kindness


So first of all I hope you enjoyed my last post, which was something I had never done before! Well the style of the post. Secondly, today’s post is going to be a ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ post that would make someones day! So I hope you enjoy these ideas, oh and let me know in the comments what 1 nice thing you have done for someone else today! Let’s get started!

Write Someone A Random Note Telling Them How Much You Love Them

I would love to receive a random note from one of my friends, even if it was really short, just the thought that they have thought to write it for me is so nice! Writing a letter for your friend shouldn’t take to long, and it’s such a lovely way to tell them how much they mean to you and I promise, It will make their day!


Hide Something Nice In The Park For Strangers To Find

So personally, if I went to the park and found some free macaroons or sweets, I would feel really happy! Make sure if you do this that you put a sign on it saying something like Take Me  so they know they are free and they can eat them! You don’t have to do something really expensive, just buy some haribos or Malteasers!

Invite A New Friend Round Or Go Shopping With Them

If you have a new friend or someone at your school of work you want to know better, invite them shopping with you or just invite them round your house! You never know, they might turn out to be your new best friend, and spending a nice day with someone you don’t know well will make you and the person happier so try it!

Leave A Nice Comment On Someones Blog/Instagram Photo

Most of you reading this are other bloggers, so you know there is nothing nicer than coming back from a horrible day at work/school and logging onto your blog and reading a lovely comment someone has written about you. It will probably take you 2 seconds for you to write a comment on someones blog, and for that person it will make their day. Also try and comment on some blogs you have never seen before, and make some new blogging friends!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I loved writing it! I have been loving the posts I have been writing at the minute (well the posts I have written since I have got back from holiday) so I hope you are enjoying reading them! See you soon,

Love you lots xx


13 thoughts on “Make Someone’s Day | 4 Random Acts Of Kindness

  1. Ooh great post! I should really do some more random act of kindness! Well today I gave a a classmate her math stuff and her sweater that she had left in the classroom so yay me!


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