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OH MY GOSH! I am so sorry I haven’t posted one of these in agessss! I don’t really have an excuse really but I am back again for another CHOCOLATEAWARD! I am so excited to write this post, because I haven’t written one in ages! Anyway lets go!

The Average Gurl is probably one of the nicest bloggers ever! She always leaves so many lovely comments on my blog and her posts are again, always so perfect and she comes up with so many original ideas! Read her latest post here, I loved reading it! Please go and follow her blog, I promise you will not regret it, one little bit!

To ‘the average gurl’ 

I absolutely love your blog, even though I don’t comment on it as much as I should, it is one of the very few blogs I can always go to and find original content I love to read! Your posts are always so well written and I just really really love them, I can’t put it into words! I think I discovered your blog by you commenting on one of my posts, something really lovely may I add, and I am so pleased I did, it is just such a lovely place! You always leave really lovely comments on my blog as I have already said, aagh I just love you! I think this letter is quite short but there is not much else I can really say apart from the fact you are just my lovely little ‘friend’ even though we have never met! Love you! 

Chocolatedrops xxxxx

So that was the end of this ChocolateAward! If you want to win the next award… which will be in a few weeks… then this is all you have to do!

chocolateawardSo you have to be active on your own blog, posting happy positive content that people would like to read! Then you have to be active on my own blog liking and commenting on my posts… and the only other thing you have to do is reply to all your readers when they comment on your blog!

So that’s all you have to do! I will be checking and yeah!

I am so happy how this award is turning out, let me know what you think in the comments below! Also remember to stay active and everything and I could be writing a special letter to you on my next post!

See you soon! Love you!


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