What Is Being Normal?


So basically the ever so lovely RosyPop (who has just hit 200 followers by the way so well done!) has came up with the idea of an amazing competition! Basically you can read the post here if you want to know more about it, but I am going to be writing my entry now!

Disclaimer- I am not sure if this is going to be any good at all, but I kinda want to start writing more creative thing on my blog to improve my writing so this is kinda a good start! Oh and also let me know if you like arty posts like My Nail Polish Collection I posted a few days ago and if you would like more posts like this! Anyway lets just go!


We all have fears. Some people might fear spiders, snakes, heights, you get what I mean. But some people fear being ‘normal.’ The thing is though, what is being normal? Is it not standing out from the crowd? Or maybe just having a regular job, with a regular life? It could be just not having anything you feel like is special?

It doesn’t really matter what being ‘normal’ is, because no one is ‘normal.’ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, own views on life, sometimes those opinions do blend you into the crowd. But that can be a good thing. There isn’t such thing as having a ‘perfect’ life, I have a feeling that is actually what most people fear more.

Not achieving what they really want to in life.

People not knowing their name.

Just being regular, living like most people in the country.

Everyone has a goal or something they want to achieve. People think being classified as ‘normal’ makes achieving those dreams and goals completely out of reach. Because they don’t think they are good enough. Truth is, they are.

Just because you aren’t The Queen or Taylor Swift, doesn’t make you more likely of failing. People know your name, yes, but you are kinda stuck in a routine. Everyone expects you to sing or be all posh, whereas if you aren’t like The Queen then you have the freedom. To do whatever you want in life.

To me being ‘normal’ is going and buying your food shopping once a week, leading a pretty simple life, but a very happy life. A lot of people don’t like to be classed as ‘normal’ because they hear the word and immediately think they are rubbish or have a bad life compared to other people.

They don’t.

In all honesty, being normal isn’t that bad, and whatever you want to achieve in your time on the planet, being ‘normal’ won’t stop you. One little bit. Just remember that.

What are you scared of?

So that was the end of my little ‘piece’ I really don’t think it is any good, please let me know what you think! Oh and I would also love to thank RosyPop for giving me the opportunity to write this! See you all soon!

Love you! xx


21 thoughts on “What Is Being Normal?

  1. I loved your piece! To me, there is no real ‘normal’. What I mean is to me normal is having routines that are monotonous, with nothing inspiring. See? Everybody has a different view of normal, so that is one thing that doesn’t make everyone normal.
    I’m not sure that my rambling made sense there…
    Lily xx

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