Massive Q&A!


So as you can tell by the title, I am going to be doing a MASSIVE Q&A for you all! I am so excited for this, as you guys have all left me some lovely questions, oh and I would just like to thank you all for leaving them for me, as I didn’t reply to any of them! Lets just get started! *also sorry for being unactive recently, I have just been really busy! I promise the posting will be more regular now, well I will try to make them!*

Are you going on holiday in summer?  

I am, we are going to the South of France/ North Spain for 2 weeks in the end of July, so expect a post on it!

 Favourite pair of shoes?

I don’t actually own many shoes at all, I have my shoes I wear to school and some black faux leather boots, so I would have to say my boots, but I am shopping tomorrow with my best friend so I will pop into Primark then aha!

Last book you read?

I am currently reading ‘All The Bright Places’  but the last book I read was ‘Fangirl’

 Favourite perfume?

I brought a body mist from Ted Baker last weekend and I love it! It is in the daffodil scent I think, and I have been loving that at the minute!

Run very fast or swim very fast?

I swim 8 hours a week so I would definitely choose that over running!

England in the EU or out of it?

I don’t really know, I think I would probably say in it, but I don’t really mind either way

Somewhere you want to live? 

I really want to live in an apartment in a lovely city with my best friend

Whats the most embarassing thing to have ever happened to you?

To many things, I will have to do a post on them aha!

If you could time travel would you rather go to the future or back in time, and why?

I would probably say to the future, so I could see what I would be like in say 20 years and if I was in a bad place, see what I could change about it, or I would travel to like 3000 years later to see what is happening in the world, and if its even still here!

Who is your favourite YouTuber?

Ooh I have so many! I again, will be going another post on my favourite youtubers and you can check out some of my other posts, but at the minute I am loving the beauty youtuber Emily Canham (I think that’s how you say it), I just find her voice really relaxing and lovely to listen to!

If you could be part of any band, which band would you be part of and why? 

Either Little Mix or Fifth Harmony because they are all such good singers, and I would love to be able to sing, but they just like they are always having the best time ever!

If you were a boy for a day what would you do?

I have no idea, probably do really un-boy-like things and see what people think about it?!

Do you play any sports?

I swim 8 hours a week so I guess so…?! Apart from that I HATE excersizing ahaha!

Most embarrassing moment?

I have to many….

What countries have you visited?

For someone who love travelling, I haven’t been to many countries at all! I have been to France, Spain, Disneyland (?!?!) and all in the UK

 What is your favourite makeup brand?

Ummm… well I don’t wear makeup that much, but I would probably say eiter collection, rimmel, maybelline and soap and glory

What are your favourite clothing brands? 

Primark. I love primark clothes!

What’s your favourite type of collab to do?

I love doing something like a ‘what’s in my school bag/make up bag’ because as well as people reading mine, I can read what other people have in their bag, personally because I am a very nosey person! But it can be anything like that, where we do the same thing, but the post can turn out so differently!

 Be very small or very tall?

Well I am kinda medium height, but apparently I am really light!

Dream job?

I don’t have a certain job I want to do, but I want it to include photography, writing and travel!

Red or white roses?


Country you dream to visit? 

I want to visit all the countries in my life!

So that is the end of my massive Q&A! I hope you all likes reading this, and learned a bit more about me! Oh and I have a question for you guys… have you got any post ideas you want me to do?

Anyway see you soon! Love youu xxx


22 thoughts on “Massive Q&A!

  1. NO WAAAY! The last book I finished was also Fangirl and the book I’m reading now is also All The Bright Places!!! What a coincidence haha! And I think that Little Mix and Fifth Harmony would be so fun to join! (:


  2. Fangirl is a really good book, though I found it kind of strange for some reason. Something about was kind of weird, though that’s my personal opinion. I also think it would be really fun to be a part of Fifth Harmony or Little Mix… but if I joined Fifth Harmony (not in real life, obviously!), would they have to rename it SIXTH Harmony?!?! These are the questions I struggle with on a daily basis.


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