School Morning Routine 2016


So because I haven’t been posting a lot recently, I thought I would make this post super super long and chatty for you guys! Basically I am going to be showing you what I do on a morning routine for school in summer time. I know, we all finish school super super soon (thank goodness!) but I thought it would be a fun post to do that could be super chatty! Anyway let’s goooo!

IMG_2900So basically recently I have been getting up at 6 (crazy I know- especially me) and I have actually been loving it! I feel like you can get everything done, and yes you have that horrible time in the morning where you know you could spend another hour in bed but when you are up, it is so lovely! Everything is so quiet and you can just spend your morning having a really  lovely breakfast and watching youtube!


So yeah once I have got up I put on some videos that have been uploaded while I was sleeping or I didn’t get round to watching the night before, and just sit there watching a few. Usually I watch 3 or 4 videos then I snapchat my friends seeing who was awake and everything and if anyone replies, I talk to them for a bit. Then I get up and make a drink, whether it was a smoothie, hot chocolate but usually it is just a juice of some sort- apple usually aha!


Then I sit there drinking it and check Twitter and Instagram then depending on the time- I might get a shower- but most of the time I don’t have the time so I just go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and do whatever skincare I want to do that morning.



IMG_2954If I am gonna try on my hair that day, I will do it then, but if I just am going to be doing dutch plaits or something I will get dressed at this point. So then once I have done my hair/got dressed (oh and while I am doing this I am listening to music) I will check to see if there is anyone else to talk to, and if there is I will chat to them for a bit.

IMG_2794By this point I am SO HUNGRY. So I go downstairs and get breakfast, its either cereal of some sort or waffles/bagels. I love my food, so I sit there and eat it maybe making blog notes, listening to more music, watching some youtube/ a short netflix show, or finishing off some homework I need to hand in that day (yes I am one of those people!)


Then I pack my bag, put some perfume and lip balm on, oh and some chewing gum to freshen my breath for the day ahead. Then usually my friend knocks for me and we walk to school together talking about stuff (usually dreams.)

So yeah that is my school morning for this summer! I hope you liked reading this, writing it made me realize how much I love and miss blogging! As I said, sorry if the posts aren’t that frequent at the minute, I am finding it really hard to find time to write nice posts for you all! xxx

Anyway, see you in my next post, love you! xxx


19 thoughts on “School Morning Routine 2016

  1. Ohh, notebooks ^^ Looks like you have fun lol. I have to get up at 5:40, I don’t have time in the morning like you though haha. My school starts at 7:00 but it’s an hour away as well which is fine but I wish I had as much fun as you. I just brush change clothes, attempt to comb my hair and hop into the car with breakfast in a ziploc bag. It’s amazing you can talk with friends and walk with them. I only wear ponytails. I never chew gum 😀 or put perfume. Your morning routine is really interesting 😀


    1. Thankyou! I am so lucky, I live really close to my school so it takes like two minutes to get there and it starts at 9!! I have to wear perfume, because I hate the thought of people thinking I smell bad aha xxx


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