Reviewing Products By There Names!


So basically I did a ‘Reviewing Products By Their Packaging’ post a while back and I loved writing it! So I am going to be doing a Reviewing Products By Their Name, by basically hearing the name of a product and try and predict what I think it will be like/look like! Anyway, I don’t know if that made sense, but lets just get started anyway!


what i think it will be like- I think this nail polish will be a matte pinky nude colour because.. well that’s what I think it will be like! I love OPI nail polishes and yeah- let’s see what it is actually like!

OPI nail lacquer
what is is actually like- 

Okay so I don’t really like the colour of this, I was expecting it to be a much more pinky nude colour (as I said) and not purple/grey! I don’t think I would ever buy this because I mean I don’t think it will suit my skin tone and I do’t really like it aha!




what I think it will look like- I think this shade will be a orange colour because when I think of a sidekick being a shade, I think of a bright orange, because it wants to make an impact. Okay I have a feeling I am thinking to much about this aha!

what is is actually like- Well I couldn’t have been more wrong! I guess it is kinda an orangey nude shade?! Well I absolutely love this shade, it is one of those shades that would suit me- the kinda nude, muted, pinkey colours







what I think it looks like- I think this will be a really gorgeous purple shade, like the kinda colour you will wear on an Autumn walk in the woods, if is it like what I think it will be like, then I will definitely buy this!


So this is kinda actually what I thought it would be like! I expected it to be more purpley and not as shimmery but oh well, it is still a lovely colour and I would buy it if I saw it in boots/superdrug!




Anyway, that is the end of todays post, I hope you enjoyed reading it!
QOTD- what is the strangest names makeup product you have heard of?

See you in my next post

love you lots!


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