Instagram Pictures June 2016


So basically I have seen a lot of people do this type of post, so I thought today I am going to show you what things have cropped up on my Instagram this month! So the Instagram I am going to be talking about is my private one, I do have a blog one called ‘Chocolatedrops11’ if you want to follow it, anyway lets just gooo!

IMG_3524This appeared on my feed on the 2nd June when I was still on holiday in Cornwall (it feels like ages ago!) but I took that the night before when we went to play rounders on the beach! Oh and just going to point out I have no kinda theme on my instagram, I literally can’t be asked for that kinda life aha!

13395140_487531111446583_832354198_nI also posted this, with the caption ‘Nothing to post, had a lovely weekend with these lot’ and tagged some of my friends who I went shopping with on Saturday- and who was at my swimming gala on Sunday!

Also let me know if you are finding this interesting because I only wrote this because I love reading other peoples versions of these!



I posted this the say before season 7 of PLL came out! I absolutely love Lucy Hale and I absolutely love the first episode of PLL!Β 

So that was my instagram photos for this month! I posted a lot more, but they were of me and my friends and selfies, and as of now, I don’t really want you guys seeing them, anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your instagram accounts in the comments and i’ll follow you! xx


20 thoughts on “Instagram Pictures June 2016

    1. PLL is Pretty Little Liars and it’s the best TV show in the world! Slaying just means well being amazing, and winning at life really- I don’t really know how to describe it aha xx


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