How To.. Friendships


So I have had this post (well the title) in my drafts for ages because I have wanted to do this for ages! But something has happened recently that kinda made me want to do this because I need to just kinda tell you guys about it and how to overcome any friendship issues! Also sorry if this post it a bit all around the place, I need to get back into the full swing of blogging! Anyway, lets goooo!


So something has happened with one of my best friends, which now had kinda turned out as she hates me. Well I think she does. Basically, I had a go at some boy in our year group (we don’t need to go into that) and she was skyping that boy at the time I was having the ‘heated discussion.’ Then she snapchatted me saying I was being annoying and really rude to him, and when I read the DM’s back I had realized I had been, so I apologized. The next day when I saw her, she completely blanked me and it was just horrible.

I don’t really know if that made sense but we have decided to not speak for a few days. I really hope we can go back to being friends because she was one of my best friends and I could tell her anything.

Anyway- here are 3 things you can do if you have an arguement with one of your friends…

  1. Do as we did and not speak to them for a few days
  2. Try and sort it out over pizza
  3. Realize that they weren’t the best friend to you anyway, and just let them go (as hard as that may be)

Okay I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was short but I just wanted to get something up for you all! Love you all loads xx


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