What I Think These Products Do!


So you know when its night time and you know you probably should be trying to get to sleep but you want to write, well what’s what i’m at right now! Basically I want to write a ‘weird beauty products’ post but I need to find some products first! The first thing I am going to do, is well… basically I typed ‘weird beauty products’ into google and lets see what comes up!

I think this looks really really strange! To me, this image looks like a winged liner strip that you stick onto your face (where liner usually goes) and when yout ake it off, the liner has already transferred onto your face! So basically a hack for winged liner, but I think it would crease at the corners of your eye, and eventually peel off.
Okay, so this one looks scary! Personally I don’t think I would ever use this, but I guess some people do, so it must work! It looks like some kind of nose thing that would shape your nose into the size/shape you want, which I admit sounds kinda cool, but I would end up breaking my nose if I ever used this which would hurttttt!
Homemade Tooth Powder. My teeth have never felt cleaner since using this all-natural homemade tooth powder. It's mineral-richness give me hope of finally making my teeth stronger!:     I’ve seen things like this in Lush before, and I have never been tempted to try it, because I mean, look at it, it looks gross! Apparently you are supposed to wet your toothbrush with just water I believe and then dab it into the powder- then just brush your teeth like usual! I kinda expect it to turn your teeth the colour of the powder and make your breath smell gross. But I believe this is actually quite popular stuff, so if you have ever tried ‘tooth powder’ let me know what it’s like!



Twister Lolly Lipbalm-reminds me on jim chapman: There is nothing much to say about this one, apart from the fact who wouldn’t want a twister lolly lipbalm! Well I assume it is  lip balm.. okay it is, good! Am I the only one that can imagine this being massive?! Like the size of a hairbrush or something like that!










Okay so that is the end of my ‘wer



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