Expectation Vs Reality- Summer!


So as it is near to the end of the Summer Holiday’s for us here in the UK, I thought I would so a kinda round up of how my summer turned out, from what I was hoping it would be! Let me know in the comments below, if any of these relate to you, or if you had planned to do something this summer that didn’t really turn out like you imagined it! Anyway, let’s get started!



Perfect clear sky, calm sea and the sun boiling hot! Perfect beach for getting the summer tan you wanted the whole year! And if it gets too hot, go and cool off in the sea for a little bit, as it is really warm as well!


More likely than not, it’s going to be a rainy day in the UK, so you might as well brave it and try and enjoy your summer by heading down to the beach… but when you get there it is heavily raining so instead of stripping down to your bikini and splashing around in the sea, you are layering on your raincoats and hoping and preying the rain will stop.

The ‘Perfect Tan’


You’re a completely different colour, when you look at photos of yourself from the winter time, you can barely recognize yourself! You have the perfect sunkissed glow, which shouts out to everyone that you have been out in the sun, all your clothes suit you a bit better and you can really go to town with the selfies!


You are a completely different colour as well! But you are tomato red, and peeling. Life couldn’t be worse for you right now, every time you touch your face, you are left with a handful of flaky skin!




Meeting Up With Your Girl Friends


You and your squad meet up everyday, with a different activity to do! Whether it be shopping, going to another city, going to a festival, tanning down at the beach, you and your girlies have got it all sorted and have the best summer ever! You obviously take loads of photos of your summer, and post them all over Instagram so everyone knows what a good time you’re having!




You don’t hear from any of your friends in the whole of the summer, so decide to go and watch Netflix. Before you know it, the summer has gone and you have watched 10 different Netflix Series’ and have done no socializing at all.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I loved writing it! As I said, let me know if any of these relate to you! Love you all loads! xxx


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