A Sneak Peak Into My Bedroom | My Favourite Things In There | August 2016


So at the minute, I don’t really LOVE my room, but I thought I would write this post because I am going to change my room around Christmas time, so I thought it would be quite cool to go a room before and after, so here is it before! So basically, I am going to be making small adjustments to my room all the time now, taking stuff down and moving it to my new bedroom, which is downstairs.

Anyway, that was enough rambling, hope you liked this post! xxx


24 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak Into My Bedroom | My Favourite Things In There | August 2016

      1. I definitely will have a look! I’ve seen lots of nice homeware from Next- I’m moving later on this year so i’m on the look out for cute homeware haha! xx


  1. I love those books you’ve got on your shelf! Sadly I haven’t got any YouTuber books other than the two (current!) Girl Onlines. Oh and I’m really jealous that you’ve got Zoella Beauty products, I don’t think you can buy them in Italy and I don’t want to have to pay postage:(

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  2. Books! Books I so love your books and some books I cannot find in my country! And that heart chalkboard is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I repeat cutest thing i have ever seen.
    Btw I am Violet Grace but you can call me nerdywritinggirl. I hope you have time to check out my blog. Thanks!


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